Mixbook Moldova


About us
Mixbook is a Silicon Valley company in the photo services industry, which has been on the market for over 12 years. The company's mission is to help people turn their most precious memories into unique and visually stunning products while ensuring a pleasant and intuitive experience.

Mixbook Moldova

An office filled with great vibes and great people
Our Chisinau office is conveniently located in the city center. It was custom built to offer comfort and coziness, while having everything needed for effortless and productive work.

Why join us?

To ensure our team can do their best work at all times without having to worry about anything, we make sure to provide them with the best benefits in the industry:
A small and efficient engineering team consisting of dedicated senior developers
Work with React, Ruby on Rails, Redux and other newer technologies
A salary above the industry average with the additional possibility of getting stock options
Personal budgets for tech, education, and team outings
A full-time job like no other with flexible work hours and vacation times
Code that is kept pristine by code reviews, CI, and extreme programming among other things
Comfortable work location in the center of the city
Our #swag

To produce smooth code in the most effortless way you need tech
that can handle it. This is the exact reason why opt for MacBook Pros,
4k Display, and other tech gadgets that make our life easier.


To promote clean and flawless code in the community, we held the Coding Challenge Event in the summer of 2017.

The winners were decided by the number of riddles solved
in the shortest, most accurate, and elegant way.
Ready, Steady, Code!

If you'd like to try your hand at solving some of the problems that we provided at the event, check our GitHub Repository

yearly trips to
The United States

Even continents can't keep our teams divided. Once or twice a year, we visit the US headquarters in the Silicon Valley to spend a couple of weeks together.

Press "Play" to see how our trip to sunny California was.

Open job positions
We're constantly looking for new and great minds to add to our engineering team. People that can crack any technology, create and sustain large projects, and are willing to learn something new every day.

Feel like you'd fit right in? Check our job positions then!